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Minecraft server

Minecraft Server 1.2 Description Minecraft Server is a tool that allows you to quickly put your own server to host a network game in Minecraft. This application allows you to keep a list of allowed / forbidden IP addresses and usernames. Minecraft Server 1.2 Informations Operating System: Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP License: Freeware Language: English Download… Read more »

Minecraft cheats

Codes and tips for Minecraft Minecraft or less, no codes, but there will be tricks that will help in the game. There are only a “command” to the game Maincraft and codes do not exist. There is also a program to create item.   Cheat for doubling objects in Minecraft This method allows cloning of… Read more »

Play Minecraft online

Try the Minecraft Online Minecraft Classic is a version of the popular online game in which you can play using the browser. Play Minecraft online and see why so many people love this game. We guarantee that you will want to buy the full version with multiplayer support. Where I can play Minecraft Online? If… Read more »

Minecraft guide

Check this our Minecraft Tutorial (first steps!) This guide is aimed at completely minecraft-play, or to the person who is just starting their adventure with Minecraft. Before reading this guide, I recommend to look for “Tools”, and if you do not have the game yet – to the Minecraft download section, where there is unlimited demo! A… Read more »

Download Minecraft

About Minecraft Minecraft game is totally unique title created by independent studio Mojang Specifications and particularly one man, Markus Persson. Playing blocks with simple graphics is incredibly addictive and has proved a huge hit. Do not wait, download Minecraft today! At the beginning of the game playing takes on the form (miner), which acquires large blocks resembling some… Read more »

Minecraft info

Minecraft it in a nutshell the terrain unlimited game where the player can place the structures of three-dimensional cubes. The game is still being developed, the creator of games from hobby classes did something today tells the whole world. It combines elements of survival, RPG, survival, mechanics, and probably many other things that are impossible… Read more »